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Cross Platform App Development

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Cross Platform App Development

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross-platform app development is tied in with building a single application that can run on different working frameworks, rather than creating diverse application forms for each platform.

Advantages Of Cross-Platform Development

Business advantage of Cross-Platform Development

Launching the software simultaneously on various platforms: While working on cross-platform application development, you can dispatch your product rapidly on different platforms. The source code is composed once for all stages. This implies you don’t have to recruit a different programming advancement group for every stage, as it’s feasible to dispatch and refresh the product by utilising an assortment of cross-stage development tools.

Faster development time: It requires the sending of a solitary content as opposed to composing separate contents for every stage. This essentially accelerates the advancement time and reduces the time to showcase, which benefits everybody, from the development right to advertising.

Reaching a wider audience: Cross-stage application development offers you a chance to contact a bigger audience. In what manner or capacity? Consider the big picture – if your application is viable with numerous stages and working frameworks like the web, iOS, and Android, it very well may be utilised by a bigger number of clients. It’s an extraordinary method to boost your openness – with less exertion and time.

Faster and easier updates: Since cross-platform applications are Internet-based, refreshes are quite simple. Clients don’t need to download separate updates, which would require the upkeep and backing up of different application renditions. The application is refreshed naturally for all clients to guarantee they generally have the most current adaptation of the application, which decidedly impacts its representation.

Cost savings & shorter time to profitability: With Cross Platform App Development, you will only need to update and maintain a single version instead of multiple, so the maintenance cost is much less.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

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    What is the difference between cross platform and native apps?
    Cross platform apps are primarily developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (the programming languages used to build websites) and then compiled into the native code required by Apple and Android apps. We say 'primarily' because some functionality still needs to be built in the core native language in order for it to work properly. Native apps are built directly in Swift or Objective C for Apple, and Java for Android apps. Generally speaking native built apps:

    1. will perform better than cross platform

    2. provide a more standard look and feel for the particular platform, and

    3. provide better reliability for functionality that requires deep interaction with device hardware.

    However, it is important to assess each app on a case by case basis, as building once for both platforms is more cost effective. Newer programming languages such as ReactNative are providing additional opportunities to reduce the cost of development and maintenance.
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    What Are Cross-Platform Applications?
    Cross-platform applications are those that can run across multiple operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform and Web. With changing preferences and shifting loyalties, having the same footprint across major platforms is crucial for businesses to retain and engage customers. Cross-platform development has thus emerged as an indispensable strategy for enterprise leaders.
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    Why is Cross-Platform Applications Important?
    Cross-platform development enables companies to create low-cost custom applications that are secure, stable, effortless to maintain and easy to iterate, thereby facilitating faster development cycles and quicker time to market compared to traditional app development undertakings.
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